Saturday, April 19, 2008

Green2 Discontinued

I've decided to discontinue this blog indefinately. If I get the time later to address this subject as it deserves, I'll revive it.


internpete said...

Oh this is too bad! I just found your blog and was interested by it. Oh well, i will try to stop back at times to see if you have revived it.


Bill Hawthorne said...


My name is Barbara O’ Brien and my blogging at The Mahablog, Crooks and Liars, AlterNet, and elsewhere on the progressive environmental blogophere has earned me the notoriety of being a panelist at the Yearly Kos Convention and a featured guest blogger at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC.

I’m contacting you because I found your site in an environmental search and want to tell you about my newest blogging platform —the environmental concern of Asbestos Litigation Blog at —where I am looking at critical issues in new light. Our shared concerns include asbestos contamination of the environment, environmentally safe workplaces, green public policies, health, and green building.

To increase awareness on these important issues, my goal is to get a resource link on your site or even allow me to provide a guest posting. Please contact me back, I hope to hear from you soon. Drop by our site in the meantime.


Barbara O’Brien