Monday, March 31, 2008

Introduction: Why This Blog?

Welcome to green2. This blog discusses free-market environmentalism (FME), but first a personal introduction is in order.

I am a conservative, republican-leaning independent, free-market believer, striving free-thinker, and self-proclaimed environmentalist. I am not an expert on economics or the environment, so my blog is not intended to be the definitive source for information on FME. Nor do I claim to have all of the issues related to FME figured out for myself, but I do believe the free-market approach has more potential than the command-and-control approach that dominates the current environmentalism discussion.

While there have been a number of books and articles related to FME, I created this blog because I feel there is a lack of discussion and understanding in this area among average Joes and Janes. This blog will be a journey for me, and I hope it will be for you whether you agree with my view or not. Either way, I welcome your participation and hope to facilitate a constructive dialogue on a very important issue.